11h. Additional Records

To add additional record click users and then select the required user's profile:


Click on the Additional Records tab under the user's profile.

Note; If the records additional records tab is not visible, this feature may not be enabled on your LMS, please contact for more details. 


This will now open the additional records page, which will list any existing records. 

To create a new record click the '+Add additional record button'. 


Enter the required information:

Type: These are a list of all available record types set up by the users with relevant management.

Note; If no record Types are available, please contact your system administrator, alternatively, if you have the required permissions, follow the instructions detailed further down the page.

Subject: Enter the subject associated with the record. The subject needs to be clearly understood by future users. 

Notes: Enter text-based notes is required.

Timestamp: You are able to enter/update timestamp associated with the record. 

Attachments: You are also able to upload an attachment against a users profile. Please ensure that all files are optimised as these will affect the LMS storage.


Once complete, click the 'Create additional record' button.


Create Additional Record Types

 Click on settings and then select Additional record types from the dropdown menu.


The page will display a list of existing records types. To add a now record type, click '+ Add record type'.


Enter the name or the record type that you would like to add. 

Note: If your LMS is enabled with multiple languages, you will need to provide the relevant translations.


Click 'Create additional record type to save and exit.

The new record will appear and be listed on the landing page. 


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