13h. Training - Module Enquiries

The LMS Enquiries functionality enables trainees to submit a query during a training session.

Enquiries Setup  

The first step is to make sure that you are directed to the relevant person within the company/organisation. To do this you need to set up and enquiry recipient within the Organisational Unit. 

Note: An enquiry recipient needs to have management permissions within the LMS.

Click on the setting tab and then select Company Structure: 


This will open the Company Structure within the LMS. 

Every organisational unit can be set up with individual parameters, which includes the Enquiries Recipient.  (if a recipient is not set, it will automatically default to the setting of the organisational parent.  

To set/modify the Enquiries Recipient, select the required organisational unit/department and then select the edit button on the right of the screen:


Click on the Enquiries recipient and select a manager from the drop-down list:

Note: An enquiry recipient needs to have management permissions within the LMS.


 Remeber to save your progress before exiting.


Submitting Enquiries 

Once the enquiries recipient has been set up, trainees will be a submit an enquiry from within the training modules. A trainee can do this by selecting the question mark on the top right of the module: 


 This will open a dialogue box that will enable a user to submit a question/s:


Enquiries will be displayed within the management dashboard and can be reviewed by clicking on the enquiry icon/text:


 This will open a summary of all the enquiries that have been submitted:Enquiries_1.6.PNG

Selecting an enquiry will open the full submission. The LMS will automatically take and attach a screenshot of the screen that the trainee was on at the time that the enquiry was raised.


Once a manager has viewed and responded, the enquiry should be closed by clicking the 'Mark as solved' button. Solved enquiries will be moved to the Solve tab:



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