Failed to write to disk when launching Instructor led presentation

User receives an error message saying "Failed to write all bytes for bolt.exe"




This error normally occurs when there is insufficient space for the program to expand and run. This can be resolved by emptying your recycling bin, old downloaded files and checking the temporary files on your computer.


As a first step, can you please do the following?


  1. Locate your downloads folder - it'll most likely be in C:\Users\YourUserName\Downloads
  2. Delete any unnecessary duplicate copies of the instructor-led training (you may wish to drag one to the desktop if you haven't already - you only need one copy to run)
  3. Empty the Recycling Bin to clear up space
  4. Run the Disk Cleanup utility -
  5. Re-start your PC and attempt to run the instructor-led training again



If you find that you have a Low Disk Space error due to a full Temp folder:



Alternatively you have not synchronised your training data in a long time and the temporary storage is full - Please contact support for further help.


This issue might also be caused but the Secure Browser used by various antivirus companies such as AVG and Norton - please disable these before launching the training.

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