14a. Reports - Standard Reporting

Note. Some of the features below may not be enabled for your account. Contact Bolt Support for further information.

The LMS offers comprehensive analytical reports that can you used to monitor and assess individual and or team performance.

Please note that users can be made 'invisible' to reporting by changing the status on their profile page. This can be useful to accommodate staff who are on long term leave (illness, parental, etc). 

Module Report

Standard reporting from the drop-down menu:


Standard Reporting Summary:

The Standard reporting page will display a summary of all training items across the Organisational Structure (provided reporting is enabled on the training item):



]You can display a status report from a specific Organisational unit within the LMS by selecting this from the drop-down or by selecting the Organisational name from the list (i.e. Store 3-1 below):



You are also able to select the progress bar for a summary pop up:



You can control what is displayed by checking or unchecking the colour tabs at the bottom of the page:



You are able to display data by distribution numbers or by percentage values:



To view or download the data, select the view/download data button on the bottom right:



This will open a window and display a numerical summary page. You can download these summary state by selecting the Download CSV, or you can download the entire data set by selecting the Download raw data button:



Module Reporting:

Module status reports can be viewed under the Module tab (you are able to control and view data as previously described):



Changes over time:

You can view data over a set time period. The time period will open on a three-month window, but this can be adjusted using the selection:



The slide can be used to view the data across the timeline:



Module Completion

The module Completion tab will display Completion over aspecified period of time.



You can select and control time periods and use the slide control to view data. You are also able to select (hide/unhide) data for specific modules:



Pass scores:

Pass scores will display percentage score associated with each module across the Organisational Structure.

Note: scores will be displayed as 100% if the module was set up with a 100% pass rate in order to complete the module:



Module timing:

Module timing will display the average module time for users to complete the module.



You are able to select any of the modules to view an extended summary, or download the Full module breakdown by selecting the blue button:



Full module breakdown



Hovering your cursor over the graph will enable you to view time stats


You can view Trainees stats by selecting the trainee tab



The full breakdown includes a breakdown of the Exam including questions and question/answer attempts:




The performance report displays the number of points a user has gained for completing various modules. 

For setting up the points allocation, please contact Bolt Support.

The points are broken down into a single or number of aspects, which are then also broken down into a single or number of areas. E.g. Knowledge (Aspect) – Brand (Area)

The main area displays the following:

The last 3 months’ points levels.

The total number of points gained per Aspect.

The total number of modules completed that are related to the Aspect.

The time since the last increase in points.

Below is a breakdown of each of the areas which you can click on to see further information on which modules contributed to the current points level.

You can also click on ‘Full breakdown’ to see a full listing of all points awarded.




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