13b. Training - Sequencing Rules

Module sequencing will force the user to complete the modules in a set sequence.


Select ‘training’ from the navigation bar.

Select ‘Sequencing rules’ from the drop-down menu.


Choose the module you wish to remain locked (user cannot open it) until the ‘required’ module has been completed. In the example below, you must complete the ‘LMS Overview’ document, before you can complete the ‘Company Branding’ document.


You can add as many sequencing rules as you like, depending on how many modules you have. 

To add further sequencing rules, click the 'Add Rule' button and configure as required. 


Delete a Rule
To delete a rule, select the red minus button.


Note. It is important that the sequencing is set up before the modules are allocated to users. Whilst you can adjust a sequence for an individual user, you cannot apply a sequence to a set of users as a bulk operation after they have been allocated. 

Adding/altering a sequence for an individual user


Select ‘Users’ from within the navigation bar.

Select ‘Module sequencing’.


The following screen will be displayed, similar to the module sequencing rules:


You can add as many sequencing rules as you like by clicking ‘Add rule’. This sequence will apply only to the user you have selected and all modules within the sequence must be distributed to the user for the rules to work. 

Remember to save your changes.

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