15d. Settings - Certificates

The system is capable of generating a certificate for Users when they complete a training module.  


Select ‘Certificates’ from within the ‘settings’ tab


Creating Certificates

Certificates are created in PDF format and automatically completed with the details of the trainee. It is necessary to create and upload a Certificate Template in PDF format; if you do not know how to create a PDF, please contact a member of our support team via email:

Select ‘Create certificate’ to start creating the certificate.


Give your certificate an identifiable name.

Select the locale, i.e. the regional setting the training will be in, English, French, German etc.

Choose the terminology type.  This field names the certificate to the terminology you wish it to have i.e. certificate, receipt, license etc.

Upload the pre-made PDF.

Create Certificate
Click on ‘Create certificate’.


Field Mapping 

The LMS will automatically detect, from the pre-made PDF, the available fields.


Choose the corresponding fields using the pre-defined drop-down menus.  These will be displayed in the final printed/exported version of the PDF certificate.  


A list of the drop-down menu options that can be mapped are listed below (additional Custom Fields are also available):


Certificate: ID – Unique number for certificate.

Certificate: Passed date – Date training completed and passed.

Certificate: Score – Overall score for certificate.

Module: ID –  Unique number for module identifier.

Module: Name –  Name of module.

Brand: Name – Name of brand variant.

Trainee: ID – Unique number for trainee.

Trainee: Full Name – First and second name of trainee.

Organisational unit: Name – Name of organisation unit.

Click the preview button to ensure the fields the fields are linking to correctly, as show in this example below:


Adding a photo

You can add a photo field to a certificate that will display the photo from a trainee's profile on the certificate.


Click the 'Configure photo' button on the certificate page.

Next select the certificate you want to add the photo to.

In the top left you will see 'Photo', just click on this and you will be able to move and resize the placeholder for the trainee's picture.


You can only add one photo per page, but can include the photo on each page (if the certificate is more than one page).

 Then just click 'continue' and it will save your changes.




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