15a. Settings - Company Structure

Bolt Learning can support thousands of users at one time. The Company Structure allows you to maintain the hierarchy within the organisation. E.g. you may want to divide the company structure into regions, areas, departments etc. This hierarchy can be as complex as you like.

The functionality to adjust the organisational structure might not be enabled, please contact Bolt Support.


Within the ‘Settings’ tab, click on ‘Company Structure’.


The Parent structure will be displayed. 


You can select the arrow to the right of the Parent to view all Organisational unit associated with the Parent.


The Organisation units setup is displayed to the right of the screen. You can select 'Edit' to update these parameters.



Managed by

These are the managers on the LMS with permissions associated with this Organisational unit.

Welcome Message

Your welcome message can be set to the default message or you can change it per structural unit.  You may choose not to include a message at all.

Help message

This is the message trainees will read when they click the Help tab.

Bounce Recipient

You are able to nominate an email address - usually, someone from the client’s company who receives all user replies to system generated emails.

If no instruction is set, the hierarchical structure will automatically clone the instruction above. For example, as no instruction was set for branding for ‘BOLT team’, it will automatically inherit the instruction set from ‘BOLT Showcase’.


Your branding can be set to your default branding or can be set per structural unit.  Branding is created by Bolt Learning.  Please contact Bolt Support if you require any assistance with this.

Creating a new organisational unit

Before creating a new Organisational Unit you will need to decide if an Organisational Unit Role is required for Compliance Rules. 

To create an Organisational Unit 'Role', select the required tab  


'Create new role'


Enter the Role Name in Singular and Plural and click 'Create role' 


Once you have completed these details, click ‘Create organisational unit’.

You are now ready to Create your new Organisational Unit.

Click ‘+Create new organisational unit’.


Name - Give the new unit a name.

Parent - Choose which part of the hierarchical structure this new unit will fall under. You can do this by clicking on the Parent field or clicking the three dots. This will open up the existing organisational structure and you can select the relevant organisational unit that you would like to place the team in. If you leave this blank, the new entry will remain at the top of the organisational structure.   

Role - If required, assign an Organisational Role (this role can then form part of Company Compliance Rule).



Select the Organisation unit that you just created and Click 'Edit' to choose the branding and welcome message.


Here you can update the details associated with this Organisational unit.

Amend 'Name/s' and 'Parent' a


Set branding:


Choose the ‘bounce recipient’:

Nominate an email address (usually someone from the client’s company who receives all user replies to system generated emails).


Click ‘Save changes’.






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