17. Contacting and Using Support

Bolt have a dedicated support team available to deal with any requests or issues. Contact us via email at or Submit a ticket.

When raising a ticket, we keep a record of this within our support system and you are able to log in to track progress or view feedback.

Emailing Support
If you email, we will automatically generate a ticket in the support hub and we will be alerted to your request. 
You will receive an email confirming the details you have provided, together with a ticket number, as per the example below: 


A member of the Bolt Support Team will respond to you advising what course of action has been, or needs to be taken.


You can use email to converse with the Bolt Support Team; please always reply to the email last received in relation to the request. This will maintain a log of the conversations and makes it easier for our team to assist.

Logging into Bolt Support online

You have the option to log into the Bolt support hub in order to submit a new ticket or view your current ticket(s). You will be able to see the history of communication and what the current status is.

To set up your login details, visit


Enter your details and select 'Sign up'.


You have now signed up to the Bolt support hub.  


An email will be sent to you, verifying your details and enabling you to log-in in the future.


Once you receive your email and set up your log in details and password, you can log in and submit a request:


Successful login:


Now you can 'Submit a Request':

Please provide as much information as possible, entering this into the description of your request, including any attachments, documents, screenshots, etc.  This information will assist when resolving your issue.


One of the Bolt Support team members will get in touch.  In the interim, you can always log in to monitor the progress of your request.



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