13d. Training - Assignments

Assignments can be distributed through the LMS including uploaded completed tasks from the trainee. The Assignment can be set up with marking parameters and the results can be recorded against a users training profile.

To Create an Assignment, click 'Training' on the navigation menu.


Select 'Assignments' from the drop-down menu.


Select the blue button labelled '+Create new assignment'. 


To create a new Assignment, you will need to enter the following information:


Assignment Info - Give your assignment a name and include instructions to inform the trainee of the requirements associated with the assignment.


Rubric - This is a set of instructions that is only visible to the marker. These instructions should detail the assessment requirements associated with the assessment.

Tags - If required, you can use tags to group training content.


Availability - This automatically distributes an assignment if it is opened within a module.

Status - You are able to control the status of your assignments (Available, Restricted & Disabled).

Limit to - If required, you are able to limit the assignment to specific Organisational Units. 

Folder - You can place the assignment within a specific training folder.


Scoring - You are able to set Assignments with your preferred scoring method. This is either a Pass/Fail, or you can select the 'Scored' option with a 'Max Score' and 'Pass mark'. You will also need to set a 'Default marker', i.e. a user with management permissions on the LMS.


Once complete, select 'save' and the LMS will record the details associated with the assignment and create a set of new assignment tabs.


Select 'Edit assignment items'. 

Assignment items are the completed items that you would like the trainees to upload onto the LMS. Give the item a name, define any 'Notes' pertaining to the assignment item and define if this is a 'Required' submission. 

You can add additional items by selecting '+Add row'.

Remember to 'Save changes' to continue.


Select 'Edit assignment marker'. This gives you the functionality to give managers the ability to override markers.


You can do this by selecting '+Add marker override'. 

Select the Organisational unit by typing in the Organisational Unit name or click the three dots and select from the Organisational Structure.


Define the 'Markers', these are users with management permissions. 


Finally, add any resources that may be associated with the assignment. This could be a working template or additional reading requirements. 


Remember to save changes.

Your Assignment will now be listed on the Assignment page.






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