13c. Training - Folders

Folders appear on every trainee dashboard; it’s how Bolt organises training into logical groupings. Training can be grouped in the way you require, e.g. by type, subject, genre or department etc., allowing you to customise your trainee's dashboard, giving you a degree of flexibility over your training layout and graphics. By using folders, you can organise your training items in a custom arrangement and branding to suit your company.

How to Access Folders

To access Folders, first select ‘Training’ from the navigation bar.


Select ‘Folders’ from the drop-down menu.



Default Folders

There are several default folders the system uses for all the standard training items: Articles, Documents and Modules etc. Most, but not all, of these training types can be changed if necessary, but initially, your setup for these will be as follows:


Create New Folders

You can now begin to create new folders to customise your trainee's layout; begin by clicking the ‘+ Create new folder’ button.


From here, you will be asked to make a few choices about your new folder:

Name - What do you want to name your folder (in English, or any other language) in which your system is available.


Layout - What layout do you wish your folder to have; choose from either 'Tile layout' or List layout'.


  • Tile - Is the default layout.  


  • List - Changes the layout into an alphabetical list. 


Parent – Wherein the folder hierarchy do you wish your new folder to appear.


Backdrop – If you wish, you can customise your folder with an image, which can be from a selection of stock images or a custom image of your choice.


Managing Folders 

The Folder screen gives you a visual of how your folders and training items are organised, as well as what layout and image each folder have been set to. 'My Training' is always the default base folder for the hierarchy, but from here, you can have as many Folders and Sub Folders as you wish. 


By clicking on a folder, you will be able to view the training within.  

From here, you can edit any folder settings:

How will my Folders display? 

There are a couple of rules surrounding folders which you will need to be aware of; these affect the display and access of each folder.

  1. Display Rule - A folder will only be shown on the trainee LMS if it contains training item(s). An empty folder will not be shown until it has content.
  2. Access Rule - Training item visibility is controlled by the company structure.  Therefore, a trainee may not have access to a folders content due to their company structure access.  For a folder to display, the user will need access to at least one of the folders contents. 

How to place training items within folders

Once you have created a folder, you can begin to place training within. Any type of training can be placed inside a folder.

When you create or edit any training item, you can select the location under the Folder heading. 

Checking my New Layout

You can check your new layout by logging into the LMS.  Your layout will look similar to this:




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